Municipality of Simo

The southermost municipality of Lapland borders the Gulf of Bothnia about 25 km from Kemi and 80 km from Oulu. Simo is known for its long coastline and the free-floating Simojoki river with its natural salmon stocks. The river divides Simo´s countryside in two. Martimoaapa, said to be Europe´s most beautiful nature reserve, is also a unique attraction.

Thanks to its natural resourses, Simo´s economy revolves around forestry and agriculture.  Lapland potatoes, known for their wonderful taste, grow here in the bright, long summer nights.  The other important source of income in Simo is salmon fishing, the king of fish.  The traditions of farming and salmon fishing still live on in the fishing harbours and islets of Gulf of Bothnia. Guided tours provide an insight into this tough but rewarding way of life.

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